About Carrie Monster

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Carrie Monster Weber
Because Monster is much more interesting than Marie.


My Story
I was lucky to grow up with parents that encouraged art. They also encouraged math but I could only succeed in one category.

My younger years were spent drawing, painting and daydreaming. Not much has changed.

My college years were spent collecting knowledge from different majors until I found advertising. It may have taken me a bit longer to graduate, but I would not change the experiences or information I learned during that time for anything.

Random Facts
– I’m pierced and tattooed but I promise that has nothing to do with my job performance.
– I think playing on Photoshop and Illustrator are great ways to spend entire days.
– I love bright colors! I just don’t wear them.
– I don’t drink anything caffeinated and I still manage to be an insomniac.

Likes: Cats, cold weather and art shows
Dislikes: Mornings, Florida heat and spicy foods

Contact: CarrieMonsterWeber@gmail.com