In Search Of The Perfect Stock Image

You’re on a deadline. The piece you’re working on is really coming together. All of the elements are in place. The message and typography are on point. There is only one thing missing; the perfect image.

Creatives often have to rely on stock images when on a tight deadline or when working without a camera and the proper items on hand. Stock images can be a god send and a curse. Sometimes you get lucky and find the image you need with minimal editing work. That feels like fate. But there are the days you’re not so lucky. You can search for hours and still not find the image you’re looking for.

It’s time to make magic happen and create the perfect stock image by piecing multiple stock images together.

Below is an example of one of the times this happened to me. I needed a very specific image and it just could not be found.

The final image:
Lab Tech Stock Image Comp

Stock images used:

Doctor coat stock image

Doctor Coat Stock Image

Lab Tech Equipment Stock Image

Lab Technician Equipment Stock Image

Test tube stock image

Test Tube Stock Image